Danielle Davidson joined the Conservatory in 2015 and is an Assistant Professor of Dance specializing in ballet and contemporary technique. She teaches the core contemporary technique classes to the all the BFA Dance students during their Junior Year.

Teaching Statement

What I value is risk taking, curiosity, research, courage, and compassion. I believe in empowering students—increasing their agency to engage with the material for themselves, including the intent and interpretations in the practice, performativity, and execution.

Video demo from Junior Contemporary class

by Danielle Davidson 

The Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Thank you to the dancers who agreed to be filmed for this demo. 

Contemporary Class Description

Primarily the class, the language, the structure and the material itself is focused on phenomenology of movement, and intrinsic embodiment. The practices revolve around ideas of embodied consciousness; and the notion of optimal movement efficiency during such states of consciousness. We are exploring modalities that may optimize or enhance the conditions thought to bring about Flow state.  

It could be defined as a contemporary/post-modern release based technique class which will aim at developing a balance between force and freedom, a directed impulse, a clarity of intention and the release of weight in movement. We will approach challenging material and physicality using set exercises based on gravity, momentum and spirals. Emphasis will be placed on a tactile connection with the floor, the relationship between the body’s axis and space, and the equilibrium between muscular engagement, efficiency, and effort. Participants will explore new pleasures as they play with the forces of gravity, levity, momentum and inertia.


Ballet Class Description

Foster or build on your love of movement in this fun and energetic ballet class. This class will propose an advanced classical vocabulary, while prioritizing mental attention towards intrinsic embodiment. In real time we play with recognizing their ideas of Self and individuality as well as the body's capacity for mobility, stillness and all the places in between. Focus will be on coordinating the physical language with the thinking mind. 


We will begin at the barre, slowly with meditative movements that prioritize accuracy, clarity and precision, while the center floor exercises will focus on simplicity, efficiency and travelling through space attuning to the spaces vibrations as well as the other bodies in movement around us.  This class will offer opportunities to play with ideas around vocabulary like ''technique'' as well concepts of embodied consciousness.

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